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Our values and how we live them:

Only the best is good enough for our customers

Cleanliness and hygiene:
For three generations, the value of cleanliness and hygiene has been handed down to the successors in the company. All our employees share this value with us. 


You can rely on our word 100%.


In order to guarantee the highest quality transport, we work very precisely and leave nothing out of sight.


We enjoy organizing transports. You can see this in the faces of our truck drivers, as well as in their voices on the phone and in their e-mails.


In order to offer the best service we do not plan our trucks too much under time pressure. We offer our customers high flexibility and appreciate it very much if this is based on mutuality.


Solution orientation
Challenges are the things that make us grow in life. This is what drives us. In every situation we analyse the alternatives for action and find a solution.


Things keep moving forward. We take technical progress, process optimizations and other innovations seriously. We see these as fascinating opportunities for growth.


Respect and appreciation
We create clarity through open and constructive discussions. At the same time we appreciate our counterparts and treat them with respect.


Passion and enthusiasm
Fortunately, we all live by our principles. From our truck drivers, our secretariat, the dispatch department to the management, we embody these values.




Customer satisfaction is our top priority - Our daily goal is to meet and exceed our customers' expectations.

Our status as a medium-sized family business guarantees a high degree of responsibility towards our employees and customers. The quality standard is lived and demanded by the owners.


Compliance with the legal requirements regarding HACCP and also internal requirements regarding hygiene, food safety and occupational safety as well as continuous improvement are our top priority.

 Product safety is also reflected in our 60 years of experience in the same business and longstanding customers testify to this competence.

 To ensure hygiene and cleanliness, we do not load any fats and oils.

Therefore we supply renowned companies in the organic and baby food sector through our long-standing customers.

 Compliance with working hours (driving and resting times) is also an important part of our working methods. The highest level of care in the execution of the transports can only be guaranteed by adequate rest periods of our drivers.

With our specially developed cleaning certificate, we focus on those customers with the highest requirements, such as transport for baby food, etc.  We also have certified seals.


Our vehicle fleet is our pride and joy: the modern, well-maintained tankers meet the strictest environmental requirements in terms of cleanliness and hygiene.

We attach great importance to continuous and careful maintenance of our fleet. We also evaluate sustainability in the optimal use of resources and see advantages for the environment here, such as reduced emissions due to unnecessary new production of large vehicles.

Of course, we always keep a close eye on the technical development of the vehicles and the entire logistics sector and react to it at the right moment by integrating the new technologies into our company. 

With the further development of technology, we also rely on our personnel training. We are convinced that ECO-Drive courses are an efficient tool for us and all our employees to make our driving style more emission-reducing and gentle on the vehicles.

 We are constantly optimising logistics by reducing empty kilometres and in future we also want to focus more on intermodal transport.

We are creating a contribution to social sustainability among our employees. We make every effort to respond to the needs of our employees. For the most part, we manage to ensure that our drivers can be at home with their families at the weekend.  This is testimony to the long-standing employee loyalty that we cultivate in our company.

 Building honest and therefore strong relationships with business partners is very important, valuable and necessary for us. Together with our transport partners, we can provide a larger fleet of trucks and thus remain sustainably in the market.

 We focus on digitalisation and are open to technical solutions for long-term operational security. We are currently offering a digital solution to make the transport process more transparent and communication more efficient and effective.


We rely on our employees: They have our trust!
They are the most important part of the company and therefore their safety and health is the basis for successful business. The continuous training of our employees is also of great importance. All our employees speak fluent German and Italian.

As employees and colleagues, we want to live an appreciative, open, helpful and goal-oriented relationship with each other. We know and respect that only the joint pursuit of goals will be successful in the long term. Our employees are challenged and also encouraged.



Only competent, reliable and professional suppliers are among our partners. Especially reliability, honesty and fairness are important to us for a successful cooperation. Misunderstandings, complaints and differences of opinion are settled openly, objectively and in a solution-oriented manner. We attach great importance to punctual payment and fair remuneration of our partners.

Existing partnerships will be expanded in order to have a larger fleet at our disposal if required. Together and together we are more competitive and sustainable.



IFS - Logistics Certification
The review of the internally planned work processes in the course of the IFS certification contributes to the optimisation of the work processes. We regard the IFS (International Featured Standard) logistics certification as a sign and recognition of our professionalism and as an additional quality statement.

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